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Your website is one of the first things a potential customer will look at before they engage with you. Unfortunately and too often people will leave a website quicker than they found it.

Having a website that attracts and retains your potential customers' attention is very important to the success of your business.

A well-designed website requires some key elements to be a successful lead generator for your business;

  1. Content - Well-written copy and engaging imagery.

  2. Usability - Optimum User Experience (UX Design).

  3. Aesthetics - Visually pleasing (Branding and Design).

  4. Visibility - Effective Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

  5. Interaction - Holds peoples attention and encourages them to contact you.

Getting everything right requires a pool of talent, which is why The Ant's Pants Graphic Design Company have teamed up with Entrepo. Entrepo is a team of curious and results-driven marketing professionals, who work in a co-operative environment in a coordinated effort to truly take care of the growth of our clients' business.


What is and who are Entrepo?

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The Entrepo name originated from the word entrepôt, which means a port, city, or centre to which goods are brought for import and export, and for collection and distribution. Read more >>