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Why you should consider an Entrepo designed and developed Wix website

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

Firstly let's clarify that we are not 'bashing' WordPress sites, in fact, Entrepo will admit there are advantages in having a WordPress web site for certain businesses. In saying this, let's move on to the advantages of a website built in Wix.

The 10 benefits of an Entrepo designed Wix website:

  1. The initial design & development of your website includes the first year hosting and SSL certificate.

  2. Upon renewal, you will only pay for the annual Wix hosting, which again includes the SSL certificate. furthermore there is no ongoing maintenance required, and therefore no additional costs.

  3. You don't need to pay for maintenance fees or update any plugins as they are done for you by Wix.

  4. You can update content and information yourself, as the Wix platform is an intuitive system. Wix sites also have a Site History allowing you to revert back to a previously saved version.

  5. You can manage your own marketing campaigns (Email marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram, etc) within the website and without having to use multiple marketing software.

  6. You can view the analytics, reports and make SEO adjustments to the website. Wix provides guides on how to do it yourself.

  7. Your website can also be marketed or SEO'ed by our Entrepo team if required.

  8. You have a backup team here in Perth to guide you on how to operate the website or train you in certain aspects of marketing, using the website.

  9. We believe that our prices are reasonable compared to other suppliers.

  10. Most importantly we do not outsource overseas designers or developers, and are still able to keep costs down while supporting local, Australian talent.

Entrepo Wix Services

  • Brochure style website design and development.

  • eCommerce website design and development.

  • Web platform conversion from WordPress to Wix.

  • SEO and Marketing (Email marketing, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram).

  • Customer training and support if required.


Who is Entrepo?

Entrepo is a team of inspired and results-driven marketing professionals. Founders of Entrepo, Ming Chong and Lee Milward had the vision to work with marketing specialists that work in a co-operative type environment to assist with navigating businesses through growth.

Members of Entrepo were invited to join because of their exceptional industry knowledge, their unwavering commitment to a high level of client service and a drive to work in a team that combines their efforts toward common goals for clients.

Who do you call about creating a website that will knock your socks off, and be the bees knees for your online presence?

Darren Hart | M 0417 170 620 or Ming Chong | M 0422 225 335


The Entrepo web site is now live albeit unfinished

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