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Do you need your logo created in a vector format?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Have you ever presented your logo to a printer, sign writer or promotional products supplier only to be asked, “Is this the highest resolution you have?”

If your answer is ‘yes’, you are not alone. There are plenty of businesses which only have their logos supplied to them in JPG or PNG formats ie, made up of pixels. These file types ‘may’ work fine when used for business cards, websites or in online social media platforms such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

However, if you need your logo to be reproduced in a larger medium such as signage, or reproduced with Pantone colours, these formats just don’t cut the mustard.

How can having your logo recreated in a vector format help?

Well, it’s the way vector logos are constructed, which means they can be enlarged as big as possible without degradation to their visual integrity. Vector graphics do this by using X and Y co-ordinates with joining lines. These lines can then be coloured or even be used to created shapes which can be filled with colours or gradients ie, blends or tones. These colours can be made up from RGB, CMYK, Pantone or even custom spot colours to match material such as contour cut adhesive vinyls.

Should your graphic designer have supplied you with a logo created in a vector format?

The short answer is yes. However not all graphic designers will do this. If your graphic designer created your logo using an application such as Adobe Illustrator, they should be able to supply your logo in a vector AI or EPS format.

Will there be extra charges by having your designer ‘re-supply’ your logo in a vector format?

In our opinion there shouldn’t be, especially if the original logo was created using a vector drawing program such as Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw or Freehand. If your designer didn’t create your logo in vector, ask what will it cost for them to do so. If they can’t do it, or you’re not happy with the price, shop around and ask for quotes from some other designers.

How can we help you?

The Ant’s Pants Graphic Design Company are happy to supply you with an obligation free quote to recreate and supply your logo in vector format.

Also, if you are in the market for a new logo design, we can supply you with our latest Logo & Branding Package price list. [All packages include your logo supplied in AI, EPS, JPG, PNG and PDF formats.]

Trade enquiries are also welcome.

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