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Creating Happiness with Vehicle Wraps

A recent job we did was for the My Subdivision Toyota Prado vehicle wrap. Returning client Kevin James Nee from Zenith Surveying, commissioned us to help him with his design & artwork because of the positive experience of working with us previously. We must admit, Kevin is quite particular about what he likes or doesn't like when it comes to design. Many designers would shy away from this, but we love a challenge and strived to achieve a design that not only Kevin would love but is achievable within the parameters of the vehicle wrap medium.

The Vehicle Wrap Design Process

Designing a vehicle wrap needs a bit of consideration, as we're working with a 3 Dimensional surface that has creases, bumps, folds, gaps, and changing plains. We not only have to create a design that is aesthetically pleasing, but is also achievable by the sign maker, and the final result is also what the client expects.

To do this we research the vehicle and its dimensions. Firstly, we start by asking our client to provide us photographs taken straight-on, of all the required profiles of the vehicle. This not only helps us provide Photoshopped mockups, but it also provides us a great template to create the design and artwork. Secondly, we find out the vehicle's dimensions, either with a tape measure or by researching online. Once we have this and the client brief, we can proceed.

The Photoshop Mockups

The Production

After Kevin signed off on the final design, we uploaded the finished artwork, an Adobe Illustrator file in layers, together with JPG files of the mockups to a shared drive. Creating the artwork in layers helps with the production, as the sign maker can make any minor adjustments, as well as select elements separately, depending on their preferred method of application.

We usually recommend known sign-makers that have previously worked with us. In Kevin's case, he wanted to use Vinyl Wrapz in Osborne Park. Never having used them to do one of our designs made us a little anxious, as we were not familiar with their work or processes.

Wow… Were we pleasantly surprised!

Two days ago, Kevin sent us some progress pictures and feedback.

And yesterday, the final product…

Kevin has got to be happy with the finished result! Credit should also go to the team at Vinyl Wrapz. They have done an awesome job. Anybody north of the river looking for a great vehicle wrap provider, definitely get in touch with the team at Vinyl Wrapz. Call 08 9443 8808 or visit their website

Also, if you're considering subdividing your property, before you do anything, visit Kevin's website.

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